Food Security

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Women owned Vegetable Farms

The project’s objective was to prepare and provide 36 dunums of agricultural land with all the necessary resources and equipment for cultivating vegetables. This land was intended for use by

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Livestock owners Support

IPV extended its assistance to cattle owners in Dir-Ezzor province by distributing essential equipment to those in need. This project aimed to bolster the livelihoods of dairy and livestock farmers

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Women Owned Green Houses

IPV established women-owned greenhouses for a collaborative group of 60 women in Ar-Raqqa city. This project falls under the category of ‘Producer-Owned Businesses’ and encompassed two main activities, which are

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 Olive value chain support program

IPV had set up olive nurseries in Ar-Raqqa province and provided on-farm assistance kits to assist olive farmers. The outcomes and effects of this initiative were as follows: This project

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