Supporting the Most Vulnerable Women in Rural Ar-Raqqa Through the Establishment of 75 Vegetable Farms and Small Gardens


  • The primary objective of this project was to bolster the sustainable livelihoods of households affected by crisis by increasing agricultural production, safeguarding and developing productive assets, and restoring or establishing income-generating opportunities in Ar-Raqqa, with a specific focus on supporting 75 women-led households.
  • A secondary aim was to enhance access to essential agricultural products.

Achievements and Impacts:

  • The project successfully supplied seeds to 75 beneficiaries of most vulnerable women farmers, including varieties such as cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, and okra.
  • Fertilizer was provided to 75 beneficiaries, comprising balanced N-P-K fertilizer, Turb, and seedling dishes.
  • Capacity-building assessments (CBA) were conducted for 40 of these beneficiaries.
  • The project met the fertilizer requirements for nursery construction for 75 vulnerable women farmers, covering items like bows, nylon for seedling coverings, plowing, and shovels.
  • The initiative led to improved incomes and increased stability for the farmers.
  • Technical training and consultation services were offered to project participants.