Building HOPE in NorthEast SYRIA

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Innovative and Powerful Vision IPV

IPV is a short for ( Innovative and Powerful Vision ). Founded in Syria in 2016 by a group of dedicated activists, IPV has been actively serving the community in Northeast Syria. As a registered non-profit organization in France, ERBIL, and Northeast Syria (NES), our primary areas of focus encompass Education, Health & Nutrition, Protection, Food Security and Livelihoods, as well as WASH sectors. Our approach integrates various strategies to meet immediate humanitarian needs and empower individuals through our humanitarian programs.

Geographic Scope of Services

IPV’s operations are centered in the North-East of Syria, with a strong commitment not only to managing humanitarian and development projects but also to empowering Syrian civil society and local communities in all our initiatives. In addition, we have established a Research And Access Unit (RAU), specializing in creating comprehensive reports, conducting needs assessments, and undertaking ad-hoc studies to support local and international organizations in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their humanitarian responses.


To achieve our vision and mission, IPV has established the following objectives:


Conduct thorough needs assessments in affected regions to identify gaps, priorities, and prevent duplication.


Facilitate information sharing to strengthen humanitarian responses in Syria and improve coordination among stakeholders.


Enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian responses by capacitating CSOs, raising awareness of human rights, and promoting civic engagement.


Collaborate with humanitarian stakeholders, including international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to provide a tailored response to these needs.


Efficiently execute projects in the fields of Education, Health , Nutrition, Protection, Food Security, Livelihoods and Early Recovery , with a specific focus on underserved areas in Syria.


Address the humanitarian needs of and empower displaced Syrians seeking refuge.

By pursuing these objectives, IPV aims to make a significant contribution to improving the humanitarian situation and uplifting the lives of Syrians affected by the ongoing crisis.


In Syria, our vision is to ensure that every individual, especially those from vulnerable groups impacted by conflict, can access fundamental human rights, essential resources, self-sufficiency, and a harmonious community. We are dedicated to providing vital resources and delivering high-quality services that cater to their needs and foster their development as healthy, thriving individuals. Furthermore, our goal is to empower them to actively engage in civic participation and contribute to the overall progress of their community.


Our mission is to secure the human rights of every civilian in Syria. We are committed to achieving this through dynamic partnerships dedicated to saving lives, enhancing resilience, upholding dignity, and fostering lasting well-being