Women Owned Green Houses


IPV established women-owned greenhouses for a collaborative group of 60 women in Ar-Raqqa city. This project falls under the category of ‘Producer-Owned Businesses’ and encompassed two main activities, which are detailed below:

Launching the business of vegetable plastic houses and managing it for a month. This involved renting and equipping facilities, acquiring and installing plastic greenhouses, procuring essential raw materials, hiring staff, overseeing production, and managing both production and sales.

To initiate the business, IPV handled the procurement and installation processes and subsequently facilitated the transfer of assets and operations to the shareholders.

Furthermore, the project involved providing training through agricultural consultants and monitoring business activities for approximately one month following its establishment.

The achievements and impacts of this project were significant:

  1. Shareholders benefited from profit-sharing, as well as collectively owning a valuable asset.
  2. The operation and management of this project created numerous job opportunities.
  3. The project yielded a supply of food available for purchase and consumption.
  4. Additionally, the project had positive upstream effects by increasing demand for inputs and downstream effects by stimulating investment and employment in wholesale and retail channels.