Bashair’s Journey

Success Story

Bashair’s Journey

Bashair, a one-year-old, accompanied by her mother and brother, initially went to A-Shafa Health Center to check on her brother’s cold. However, the vigilant nutrition team at the center identified an additional challenge – Bashair was also suffering from malnutrition.

From the Mother’s Perspective:

Bashair’s mother shares, “When we came to the doctor for my son’s cold, not knowing Bashair’s larger issue – malnutrition. Learning about its severity was heartbreaking. The nutrition team provided invaluable assistance, guiding us, and ensuring our regular visits to the nutrition clinic. Seeing Bashair’s improvement was both happy and emotional. We are grateful for the dedication of the center’s nutrition team.

The Nutritionist’s View:

Siham, the nutritionist, says, “Upon observing Bashair accompanied by her mother, our community health workers conducted a MUAC assessment, which revealed a measurement of 112, indicating severe acute malnutrition (SAM). With a weight of 6 kilograms and a height of 65 centimeters, immediate attention was imperative. We initiated a specialized intervention plan and monitored his progress closely. Fortunately, he exhibited significant improvement, transitioning from SAM to moderate acute malnutrition (MAM), achieving a weight of 7.3 kilograms after a month of treatment. Presently, Bashair has nearly fully recovered from malnutrition, thanks to the exceptional care provided at the center. Our objective now is to ensure his continued health and happiness.”

Bashair’s journey shows how Alshafa Health Center’s care helped her overcome malnutrition. His amazing recovery shows how well the nutrition team took care of him. Bashair’s story reminds us how important it is to get personalized care to overcome challenges and get better.