Amer Struggle and Triumph

Success Story

Amer Struggle and Triumph

Amer, facing ear issues misdiagnosed as cancer, shares a triumphant recovery journey at Al-Shafa PHC, highlighting the pivotal role of accurate diagnosis by Dr. Ahmed

Amer’s Story:


Amer shares a pleasant tale of his journey towards recovery and said “I went through a tough time when strange bumps appeared on my ear. Initially, I didn’t think much of it, but as they grew, my ear swelled up, and I started covering it all the time out of embarrassment. Worried, I went to a local doctor who thought it was skin cancer, and he suggested an expensive surgery”.

Scared of facing cancer, I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Ahmed at Al-Shafa PHC. Luckily, Dr. Ahmed figured out it wasn’t cancer, but a condition called Leishmania. The treatment plan was simple but needed strict adherence.

After a month of following the treatment, my ear got so much better. The lump went down, and my ear went back to normal. I am thankful to Dr. Ahmed for helping me through the tough time and guiding me to a full recovery.

It was a tough journey, feeling embarrassed and scared, but Dr. Ahmed made a huge difference. I appreciate the personalized care I received at Al-Shafa PHC, and it’s a relief to know that accurate diagnosis and the right treatment can make such a positive impact on someone’s life.”

Dr. Ahmed’s Perspective:

Dr. Ahmed remembers Amer’s first visit – he was sad and trying to hide what was happening. Another doctor had wrongly said it was skin cancer, but Dr. Ahmed correctly diagnosed it as Leishmania. The treatment with Glucantime injections and Hexamidine topical solution worked well, and after a month, Amer was completely better.

Amer’s story shows how important it is to get the right diagnosis and how personalized care at Al-Shafa PHC can make a big difference in someone’s life.