Enhancing Resilience Among Vulnerable Youths Affected by ‎Conflict in Deir-Ezzor, Northeast Syria (NES) – Phase 3


The project’s primary objective is to increase the resilience of ‎vulnerable youth affected by conflict in Kisreh district, Dier-Ezzor ‎‎, Northeast Syria. This is achieved through support aimed at ‎improving their fundamental academic skills and livelihoods. ‎The project establishes a TVET center (Technical and Vocational ‎Education and Training), enhances the quality of education, ‎provides TVET programs and non-formal education for women, ‎and focuses on mental health and well-being initiatives.

Services provided :

  1. Ongoing enhancement of the quality of TVET and education through the consistent provision of educational materials and continuous capacity-building for teachers, trainers, and facilitators.
  2. Sustained provision of a comprehensive TVET program for youth trainees, ensuring full support with startup kits to facilitate their continuous learning.
  3. Continuous establishment and maintenance of a complete non-formal education program for women and females under the literacy and numeracy program (SLP), ensuring the ongoing provision of necessary materials and textbooks.
  4. Continuous enhancement of mental health and well-being through consistent life skills programs for all trainees participating in the TVET and non-formal education programs.
  • Ongoing business support for graduates of the TVET program, including the provision of in-kind support and microgrants to support them in starting or improving their businesses on an ongoing basis.