Triumph of Tiny Weight

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Triumph of Tiny Weight

  • Anthony
  • Gary Jones
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In the village of Al-Shafaa, baby Hamad began life weighing only a kilogram. Faced with financial struggles, his parents switched to formula but had to resort to cow’s milk when resources ran thin. Unfortunately, Hamad’s health suffered, and he became malnourished.

A compassionate neighbor informed Hamad’s mom about the local center offering help for underweight babies. On August 14, 2023, Hamad visited Al-Shafa Primary Health Care (PHC), weighing only three kilograms at eight months. Diagnosed with severe malnutrition, he was admitted to the OTP program.

Fast forward three months, and Hamad has made remarkable progress. Graduating from the OTP program weighing 6.3 kilograms, moving to the TSFP malnutrition program. Currently, his weight has increased to 9 kilograms.

Hamad’s journey highlights the effectiveness of targeted nutrition and timely care, proving that even the smallest fighters can overcome challenges with the right support.

Triumph of Tiny Weight


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