TVET (Vocational Training Centre) – Phase 2


The project’s primary goal is to enhance the fundamental ‎academic, vocational, and life skills of young people aged 16 ‎to 24 in Dier-Ezzor – Jazrit albuhmid  Area . This have been achieved by ‎offering three main component:

the first one is the “primary education” for those who have never ‎attended school or dropped out prematurely.

the second component is “Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET) in different professions including:

  1. Electrical Equipment Technology Profession Course
  2. Household Electrical Appliances Profession Course
  3. Digital and Tech Skills Workshop (PC and Mobile Maintenance) Course
  4. Pastry and Baking Profession Course
  5. Beauty and Hairdressing Profession Course

And these profession courses provided for those who have completed primary school but ‎lack job-related skills.

The third component provided is “life skills education and PSS sessions” for ‎All groups. Building upon insights gained from ‎prior initiatives, the content of life skills education ‎refined, to enhance ‎the resilience of young people. Additionally, project ‎prioritized the inclusion of the most vulnerable participants, ‎including women with infants and toddlers, individuals with ‎disabilities, and most affected groups by the earth-quake .