Support the SLP (Self Learning Program) in Ar-Raqqa and Dier-Ezzor


The primary objective of the project is to provide essential support for Self-Learning Programs (SLP) and Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN) in Al-Raqqa city. This support is aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and literacy skills for out-of-school children while addressing various educational and social challenges within the region.

The Services Provided :

  1. Non-Formal Education (NFE) in Self Learning Program (SLP) and Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN) for out-of-school children based on placement test results.
  2. Minor rehabilitation work for five targeted schools.
  3. Capacity building for 35 teachers and education personnel to implement the NFE programs (SLP and BLN).
  4. Providing teachers with stipends and covering school running costs, including the distribution of textbooks, stationery, student kits, and school kits.
  5. Offering distance learning during the COVID-19 response, along with awareness raising and hygiene improvement for the targeted students.
  6. Implementing integrated Psychosocial Support (PSS) activities in the five targeted schools.
  7. Distributing 150,000 copies of the SLP curriculum for primary, secondary, and high schools in Al-Raqqa, Al-Tabqa, and Deir EzZor.