Primary health care program in Dier-Ezzor  (3)


the project’s main objectives are to establish a primary healthcare centre and deploy 3 mobile healthcare unit in the eastern part of Der Ez Zor. This initiative aims to provide essential medical services, improve health outcomes, empower the local community, and provid training and improve the SOPs of the medical center , to  enhance  the well-being of the local population

The Services Provided :

Fixed Primary Healthcare Center Services:

1. General and specialist medical consultations and treatment.

2. Maternal and child health services.

3. Health education and awareness programs.

4. Family planning and reproductive health services.

5. Nutritional counselling , preventive and  Treatment service (CAMA and IYCF counselling  )

Mobile Healthcare Unit Services:

1. General medical consultations.

2. Health promotion.

3. Community health screenings.

4. Antenatal care for pregnant women.

5. Referral services.

6. Nutrition screening & Referral.