Improving economic recovery, social cohesion, and long-term resilience in Deir-Ezzor  Governorate, North East Syria (NES)


The project’s primary objective is to meet the critical protection needs of the community by establishing both fixed and mobile Child Centers (CC). It seeks to deliver a comprehensive set of services, including awareness-raising sessions, Psychosocial Support (PSS) services, recreational activities, and vocational opportunities tailored to women and girls, who are identified as the most vulnerable within the community. The overarching goal is to extend general protection services to women, girls, men, and children, thereby promoting the safety and well-being of all members of the community.

Services Provided :

  1. Establish Fixed and Mobile Child Centers (CC)
  2. Conduct Awareness-Raising Session
  3. Providing individuals with psychosocial support and SGBV (Sexual and Gender-Based Violence) assistance.
  4. Organize Recreational Activities 
  5. Offer Vocational Training courses  for Women and Girls
  6. Extend General Protection Services to Women, Girls, Men, and Children